It takes Guts to transform the art world





    Progress lies at the heart of Guts' ethos. Since the gallery was founded, we've striven to challenge and change the traditional art business model, which has only ever been a barrier to artists from underrepresented backgrounds. Acting as both a platform and a support system, Guts uplifts upcoming artists and supports the more established on their continuing journey. We give space to those who have previously been denied it, connecting them with collectors who are eager to support them. 


    At Guts we believe that true change requires ongoing evolution. Our adaptive business practices have established Guts as one of the leading galleries championing contemporary voices. We flip the traditional power dynamics between gallerist and artist, standing alongside them, rather than merely representing them. By creating a safe and accessible space for constructive dialogue, we're able to develop truly unique relationships with our artists. In an art world that's scared to talk about inequality, Guts Gallery speaks up.

  • OUR Vision

    Focus on underrepresented artists: Guts  showcases art by underrepresented artists, addressing diversity and inclusivity issues in the art world by offering opportunities and exposure to those facing systemic barriers.

    Collaborative and socially engaged exhibitions: Guts curates exhibitions with a focus on social and political issues. We encourage artists to explore topics like activism, inequality, identity, fostering dialogue and raising awareness through art.


    Fundraising for charitable causes: Guts organise fundraising initiatives to support charities aligned with our values.


    Championing instead of representing:  Artists deserve to be at the centre of the art world. Each of our artists’ work is informed by their backgrounds, and they each have their own powerful voice. Guts Gallery was founded to ensure that artists from underrepresented backgrounds could have their voices heard, so instead of ‘representing’ them, we champion them, vigorously supporting their development and causes.



    Lower Commission: At Guts, we take lower than 50% industry-standard commission.


    Collector Support: To assist collectors, we developed a Collectors' Guide providing comprehensive support. It includes payment plans, installation services, and guidance, ensuring a seamless experience from inquiry to artwork acquisition. Additionally, we introduced 'Guts Editions,' offering more accessible and affordable options for collectors.


    Support for Post Graduates: Buffer is an exhibition aimed at empowering a new generation of independent artists who can navigate the art world confidently on their terms. It seeks to address the exploitation of artists due to a lack of business knowledge, advocating for change in this regard.


    Guts Projects: As a nomadic gallery, we understand the challenges of new artistic endeavours. Guts Projects supports new ventures by providing free space, advice, and technical support connected to our main gallery space, helping selected enterprises get off the ground


    This adaptive code of conduct is to protect the artists we work with as well as staff and visitors within the Guts Gallery space; online and offline. It has been created by Guts Gallery and the championed artists themselves to create a safe space that no other art gallery has implemented before. 


    • Guts has a zero tolerance policy for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, classism, ableism, ageism and any form of discrimination or harassment
    • Guts flips the traditional power dynamics between gallerist and artist
    • Guts will create safe spaces, accessibility, constructive dialogue and collective shouldering for established and emerging artists
    • Guts staff will be paid above minimum wage
    • Guts staff can wear whatever they want to work
    • Guts will challenge the inequalities within the art industry
    • Guts artists’ commissions will be above the 50% industry standard
    • Guts will ensure artists feel no pressure to 'succeed'
    • Guts will check in with our privilege constantly
    • Guts will protect artists and staff members from burnout
    • Guts will facilitate personal and professional advice and support
    • Guts will be honest regarding contracts, sales, percentages
    • Guts will support artists with external collaborations or opportunities
    • Guts will assist artists in finding studios, acquiring materials and general career advice
    • Guts will provide a platform for artists to showcase their work in solo and group exhibitions
    • Guts Gallery will refuse to be silenced and is determined to be a much-needed change in the art industry

    Director and Founder of Guts Gallery, Ell Pennick is one of the youngest gallerists navigating the art world today. As a working-class, queer Northerner with no art background, Pennick's footing in the art world started with their frustrations at the lack of meaningful opportunities for people like them. After being unable to accept a place at a renowned institution due to their financial status, Pennick began to question the wider, social austerity within the arts. They launched Guts to create a fair art-business model (which has "far more importance to them than a piece of paper with a Masters grade on it") and to champion emerging artists. They made it their mission to help artists demand the respect - and ownership - they deserve.



    • The Gallery is accessible via a lift on the second floor. 

    • To access the Gallery you will need to press a buzzer. If this is not possible, please  call, and we can let you in.

    • Our Gallery main door is propped open, any other doors on the ground floor can be opened by a member of staff

    • Please let us know in advance if interpreters or lip readers are needed, so we can organise this for you.

    • We have a quiet room available on Private View Nights as they can be incredibly noisy at times. We can close the gallery for an hour if you need quiet time away from people.

    • We provide an audio of the press release and headphones are available with the recording, at your request.

    • We have a large bench in the middle of the gallery space if you are unable to stand for long periods

    • A member of staff can give an audible tour and description of each exhibition

    • At the moment our toilets are not wheelchair accessible as we rent the space. However, we do have a portable hoist and can shut the area which leads to the bathroom.