Jen O'Farrell


Taking from the term geochronology each painting frames and captures a moment of age. Acting in a way that transcends location, time and situation. A moment of pause in the ‘hyperness’ of society.

Jen O’Farrell (b.1990) is a self-taught artist born in Liverpool, living and working in London.
Uniting the visual languages of industrial and inner-city landscapes with rugged, natural terrains Jen seeks to expose the fragility and visceral power of the environment in juxtaposition with humans' need for structure and purpose. Contemporary ideals of concrete capitalism.
Personal memories, narratives and experiences centred in specific locations are collated and embedded into the work, as a way to document the ever changing landscapes around us - in the natural and manufactured. Encompassing various techniques and materiality that aim to reveal the surfaces, communications and temporality of our world. Dripping, staining, dyeing and overlaying materials onto surfaces to mirror the abstract and elemental indentations of nature. Weathering, vandalism, mark marking and industrialisation.
Taking from the term geochronology - each painting frames a moment of age. Acting in a way that transcends location, time and situation. A moment of pause in the ‘hyperness’ of society.

B. 1990, Liverpool, UK. Based in London, UK. 


Solo Exhibitions

Upcoming - 2022, Guts Gallery, London, UK


Group Exhibitions 

2021 Reality Check, Guts Gallery, London, UK 

2021 A New Art World, Guts Gallery, London, UK 

2021 When Shit Hits The Fan Again, Guts Gallery, London, UK

2020 Working Progress, South London Gallery, UK 

2019 No Measurements Required, Nicoletti Contemporary, London, UK

2019 Conditions, Whitgift Centre, London, UK

2019 Exquisite Corpse, Cell Studios, Arcola Northside, London, UK

2019 Hoovering: Enter The Vacuum, Red Lion Boys Club, London, UK

2019 Him + His: Here, Talks and Events Programme, Installation, London, UK

2019 Satellite Studio, Friday Late: Art Schooled, V&A, London, UK

2019 In A Small Room Very Loudly, Conditions, London, UK 

2018 PROCESS! Festival, Somerset House, London, UK



2022 La Wayaka Current, Atacama Desert, Chile 

2018-2019 Conditions Studio Programme, London, UK 



FAD Magazine Sept 2021

Dazed Sept 2021
Frieze Feb 2021

NY Times Oct 2020

South London Gallery Mar 2020

Nicoletti Contemporary Dec 2019 

V&A Apr 2019 

Art Review Jul 2018 



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