Uniting the visual traditions of urban and street art with the naturalised imagery of rugged, desert terrains and personal memories. Jen works within the media of painting, sculpture, drawing and poetry, as part of a larger investigation of the natural world. In doing so, Jen seeks to represent the many altered states of being, merging earthly and bodily identities to reveal the surfaces, communications and temporality of our world. 

Jen is a self-taught artist from Liverpool, UK, living and working in London. 

Jen’s working-class upbringing, queer identity and non-traditional arts education, placing a primacy on “outsider” methodologies, figures heavily in her practice. Additionally, she uses art as an escape from her unrooted past and the realities of temporally dislocated labor – the experiences garnered in various locations, day and night, are central to her work. Moulding clay with hands, dripping, staining, dyeing and overlaying colours to mirror the abstract and elemental indentations of weathering and vandalised marks on the environment provide both a means of release, and the opportunity for review and revelation.