Sophie Vallance Cantor


Encounters from her everyday are re-imagined on her large square canvases, half reality, half fantasy. 

Sophie Vallance Cantor's practice as a painter is best described as an intense examination of life; a conversation with herself. Encounters from her everyday are re-imagined on her large square canvases, half reality, half fantasy. Her imagery draws heavily on animals, self portraiture, food, and her subjective reality. In turn, these are inflected by tonalities ranging from the humorous to the darkly sad. She is currently based in Glasgow but has lived in both Berlin and London, allowing her practice to naturally evolve through time and locale, tied not to particular geographical place, but instead to the experiential and how it takes on shape and distinction in hindsight. Her own voice sits at the nexus of feminist practices, cathartic art-making, processes of confession, folklore, and storytelling.


B. 1993, Scotland , Based in London, UK. 



2013-2015 Painting Camberwell College of Arts
2011-2012 Foundation in Art and Design CCW Progression Centre


Selected Exhibitions

2022 Solo Show, Galeria Kogan Amaro, São Paulo (UPCOMING)
2021 Solo Show, Guts Gallery, London (UPCOMING)
2021 Duo Show with Douglas Cantor, NBB Gallery, Berlin (UPCOMING)
2021 ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’ Louise Alexander Gallery, Italy, (UPCOMING)
2021 ‘Sophie Vallance x Banal’, Galerie Tracanelli, Grenoble (UPCOMING)
2021 ‘(Re) Birth of Venus’ Pulpo Gallery, Munich (UPCOMING)
2021 ‘Introducing’ Guts Gallery at Sadie Coles
2021 ‘Now, Now’ Breach, Miami, USA
2021 ‘Holding Hands’ Union Gallery, London
2021 ‘Safe as Milk’ Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh
2021 ‘Back to Back’ Bowes Parris, London

2020 ‘NBB Paperworks Vol 1’ Berlin, Germany
2020 ‘Original Paper’ Wilder Gallery, London
2020 ‘Curated for Christmas’ Bowes Parris Gallery x All Mouth Gallery, London
2020 ‘Pending’ San Mei Gallery, London
2020 ‘Discerning Eye’ Mall Galleries London
2020 ‘Peeka-Fuckin-Boo’ Guts Gallery x Soft Punk, London
2020 ‘LIMBO’ Everyday Gallery, Antwerp
2020 ‘The Just’ Aleph Contemporary, London
2020 ‘Begin Again’ Guts Gallery, London
2020 ‘Anti-Freeze’ Bowes Parris Gallery, London
2020 ‘Even Tigers Need a Rest’ Aleph Contemporary, London
2020 ‘When Shit Hits The Fan’ GUTS Gallery, London
2019 ‘Sophie Vallance X David Esquivel’ Galerie Tracanelli, Grenoble, France
2019 ‘Opening Exhibition’ GUTS Gallery, London
2019 ‘Let Me Try to Explain’ L21 Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
2019 ‘Manifest The Future’ Castiglioni, São Paulo, Brazil
2019 ‘Salad Days’, YNGSPC Online Exhibition
2018 ‘They Said I Was Special’, Union Gallery, London
2018 'Predatory Behaviour', T293, Rome, Italy
2018 'Her Presence is Fuel' Mo Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2018 ‘H E R U S' Berlin, Germany
2018 'Slightly Seared on The Reality Grill' Unit 5 Gallery, London
2017 'Young Contemporary Talent Exhibition' Ingram Collection, London
2017 'PC4PC' 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, London
2017 'Mine, Others and Yours' We are BUD, Athens, Greece
2015 'One Potato, Two' Arch Collective, London
2015 '24 Hour Project' GX Gallery, London
2015 'UNIT' CGP/ Cafe Gallery, London
2012 'CCW Foundation Show' CCW Progression Centre, London
2012 'RBA and NADFAS Annual Show' Mall Galleries, London

Residencies and Awards
2019 L21 Gallery Residency, Spain
2017 Young Contemporary Talent Prize, Ingram Collection (FINALIST)


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