This one-off ring was created for a charity auction to raise proceeds for LGBTYS, Black Trans Foundation and National AIDS Trust. 


Trackie McLeod

"Crossmyloof" 2021
Sterling silver ring, plated in 18ct gold. 
Hallmarked as silver. Size: ‘N’


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Bidding starts: 7:00pm, Monday 10 May 2021
Bidding ends: 7:00pm, Thursday 13 May 2021


"‘Poof’ was one of those insults that hit different as a kid; like a happy slap on an already embarrassed face. A lot of my recent work has been about reclaiming words, taking back ownership, wearing them with pride. The ring was made in the image of the traditional working-class name ring, used to honour someone. I’m choosing to honour acceptance. Thank you to @nino.jewellery for bringing this idea to life for all your hard work over the last year". 
- Trackie McLeod 


This one-off ring will be auctioned off via and proceeds split between @lgbtys, @blacktransfoundation and @nationalaidstrust. 

Happy bidding and any additional donations will be appreciated, however small!

10 May 2021