Creating Visibility for Emerging Spaces:

Ellie Pennick in Conversation with Hettie Judah

Date And Time

Wed, March 3, 2021

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM GMT


Ellie Pennick of Guts Gallery and art critic and writer Hettie Judah discuss the need to ensure visibility for the emerging art emerging* art scene and mitigate the increasing dominance of the art world’s "mega brands".


*The word "emerging" is problematic because it carries connotations of age and rate of growth. However, in an art world often defined by its established and blue-chip spaces, we use it here because it allows us to consider everything that is not established or blue chip: artist-led, grassroots, alternative and independent spaces and projects of various kinds, and small to mid-tier galleries supporting and representing emerging artists – all that is smaller or small-ish.


Credit is a collaboration between Modern Forms, Central Saint Martins and Kingston University.

The project is managed by Modern Forms.

2 Mar 2021