Corbin Shaw Interview by Coeval Magazine

Coeval Magazine, 9 Nov 2020

"‘It’s 2020 For F*ck Sake’ is currently being exhibited at Guts Gallery in which your work is being shown - can you explain the concept behind this exhibition?'

So ‘it’s 2020 For F*ck Sake’ is a collaboration between Guts Gallery and @softpunkmag and is a thirteen artist, back-to-back solo exhibition marathon, running from 24 September 2020 to 21 December 2020 in a railway arch under Haggerston Station. Exhibiting Artists - Corbin Shaw, Elsa Rouy, Ruby Dickson, Andrew Hart, Olivia Sterling, Lucia Ferrari, Sophie Vallance, Douglas Cantor, Kemi Onabule, Kate Burling, Salomé Wu, Victoria Cantons, Miranda Forrester. "

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