"Guts Gallery has a very special programme and remit. It’s safe to say it is helping to change the dynamic of the London art scene. Disruptive in the best possible way, Ellie and the excellent artists she platforms shouldn’t have to wait a lifetime for the spotlight they deserve. So instead they are finding inventive and creative ways to take their share of the stage. Guts Gallery is making waves with compelling work, a big heart and surely inspiring others to make small steps toward a fairer, more inclusive and accountable art world."

Kate Bryan 

Head of Collections at Soho House

"I am a private collector in Florida, USA. My experience with the Guts Gallery has been extremely positive. Their communication is prompt and clear, the artwork is securely packed for shipment, and the turnaround time from purchase to delivery is always surprisingly short. They are top shelf."  

Private Collector

7 purchases through Guts Gallery

"Ellie has an amazing eye, and Guts’ work to empower artists and conversations that radically overhaul the mainstream makes it a unique and necessary player in the ecosystem." 

Collector and Artist

6 purchases through Guts Gallery