Miranda Forrester


Her work is concerned with addressing the invisibility of womxn of colour in the history of art and combating the fetishization of our bodies.

Miranda Forrester’s practice explores the queer black female gaze in painting, relating to the history of men painting womxn naked. Her work is concerned with addressing the invisibility of womxn of colour in the history of art and combating the fetishization of our bodies. She has been investigating how her identity impacts the way in which she depicts her subjects, and how her paintings can rearticulate the language and history of life drawing through a queer black feminist desiring lens, and in doing so, depict what the male gaze cannot see. Her use of stretching plastic over stretchers and painting on highly primed smooth surfaces is fundamental to the work, as it allows the viewer to see through the pictured bodies; the surface becomes more than skin, allowing the figures to become real and alive, moving and breathing on the canvas. This layering of transparent materials alludes to the complexities and nuances of womanhood and femininity; gender and sexuality.  

Exploring the significance of domestic environments for queer people, Forrester’s paintings capture intimate, insular moments of warmth and tenderness. Animating large expanses of emptiness with vibrant, fluid and assertive lines, her bold figures occupy their space with authority yet subtlety, speaking to the strength in vulnerability. Lines and translucent brush strokes roam across her paintings, often spilling onto the wall behind and around the stretcher, gathering complex and shifting observations into the nature of identity. The work, altogether, is a celebration of womxn’s bodies, the joy in occupying feminine identities and being in relation with one another.

Guts Exhibitions 

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Based in London, UK



2019 - BA Hons Fine Art Painting, University of Brighton, UK

2016 - Art Foundation, University of the Creative Arts Epsom, UK


Solo Exhibitions

2020 Abode, Guts Gallery, London 


Group Shows 

2021 At Peace, Gillian Jason Gallery, London (upcoming)

2021 Small is Beautiful, Flowers Gallery, London (upcoming)

2021 Sixty- Six London, St George’s Place, London

2021 Reality Check, Guts Gallery, London

2021 Poetic Sustenance, Tiwani Contemporary, London

2021 Every Woman Biennial, Copeland Gallery, London 

2021 Top 100 (The Auction Collective), London 

2021 Works of art inspired by Love, AucArt (online) 

2021 When s**t hits the fan again, Guts Gallery (online) 

2021 Miranda Forrester & Emily Moore, Phoenix Brighton

2021 Narrating Life, Studi0 gallery, St Moritz, Switzerland 

2020 Pending, San Mei Gallery, London 

2020 Antisocial IsolationSaatchi Gallery, London 

2020 Begin Again, Guts Gallery, Online exhibition raising funds for The Free Black Uni 

2020 Blacklisted: An Indefinite Revolution, Christie’s Education, London 

2020 FBA Futures, Mall Galleries, London 

2019  PLOP End of residency show, The Koppel Project, London 

2019 BBZ Alternative Graduate Show, Copeland Gallery, London 

2019 University of Brighton Fine Art Painting Degree show, Brighton

2019 Mercurial Matters: The Organic Feminine, Lock-in Gallery, Hove

2019 How did we get here - Decolonising the Curriculum, Brighton University, Brighton 

2019 International Womxn’s Day exhibition, Creative Debuts, London 

2019 Material Practices, Hove Museum and Art Gallery, Hove

2019 Emerging Artist Award, Pop up gallery, Brighton

2018 Scapes, Trace queer art collective, The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton

2018 Conjecture, University of Brighton, Brighton 

2018 Fragments, Norman Rea Gallery, York

2018 Pink season, Pop up gallery, Brighton 

2016 Foundation Show, University for the Creative Arts, Epsom 



Soho House collection 

Arts council collection 

Beth Rudin DeWoody collection



Art x Lagos, Nigeria, 2021