Guts Projects: Supporting gallerists, collectives and curators.


Guts Projects is dedicated to fostering the next generation of curators, collectives, gallerists and artists by providing a space for them to experiment, develop and grow.


We’re over the competitive gatekeeping of the art world, so are passing down our hard earned knowledge to the next generation with Guts Projects. 


Guts started out as a nomadic gallery, so we’re all too familiar with the challenges of new artistic enterprises. In a time of substantial rent increase and high start-up costs, Guts Projects gets new ventures off the ground, offering free space (connected to our main gallery space), advice, and technical support to selected enterprises.


What Do We Provide?

  • Rent free space 

  • Free installation photography 

  • Advice

  • Sending your press release to our press contacts

  • Invigilation


What Do We Not Provide?

  • Shipping costs (although we can recommend shippers)

  • Individual shots of artworks

  • A technician on installation day

  • Artwork storage

Additional Information

  • All our project exhibitions run alongside our main exhibitions

  • Project space openings will align with Guts openings

  • Install days will have to align with ours

  • Our office (a table, chair and sofa) will be put back into the space during the exhibition. We prefer wall-based artworks/sculptures that will not get in the way of our office set-up

  • Walls should be kept white and not painted

We Want to Hear From You
To submit your application, kindly click the 'apply now' button and fill out your exhibition proposal. Please note that due to our limited resources, we may not be able to accept every application.