Alfie Rouy’s paintings intend to explore subtle ways of materialising the flow of versatile, fluid-like energies that exist, within one’s current field of existence and that of others, which have the potential to be harnessed. 

Aiming to provide insight and synchronisation towards the two coinciding paths, it is visualised by confined yet free flowing forms expressing elements of polarity and unity through figurative imagery. Accompanied by warm, hazy colours formulating together to create a vision of dreamlike divinity and a surreal reality, extending an over exaggerated notion of the works original intent of transposing peace, love, wisdom and unity upon the viewer. Therefore, encoded within the paintings is a consistent pattern of elements that draw to this conclusion, aiming to only be caught by the individual who already knows, leaving the rest open for speculation and wonder in auspicious mystery. While engaged upon this path of understanding, his influences range from historical events and civilisations offering a romanticised view upon the mystery of The Dark Ages combined with ancient eastern and western philosophies, Alchemy, Hermetic symbolism and esoteric beliefs, while all culminating with a minor element of Synaesthesia being apparent in the initial stages of creation.


B. Sittingbourne, UK. Based in London UK.



2019-2021 University of the Arts London Camberwell  (UAL), BA Painting, London

2015-2017 University for the Creative Arts Rochester - FDA 



2021  Hopscotch , Safehouse One, London

2021  CRG Opening Show, Changing Room Gallery, London

2021  Caught in the Cave,  Kupfer Project 213,  London
2020  Anti-Freeze, The Arts Editor, London

2019  Lazy Susan’s Sizzling Prizm, Safehouse 1 – London

2019  Reoccurring Streams, Brockley Gardens - London

2018  Moue, Chatham House, Chatham, Kent



2021 - Changing Room Gallery, London


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