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As this year continues to develop into one of the most difficult periods in recent memory for the contemporary arts community, there is no better time to begin – or continue – collecting artwork. By investing in a piece of art from Guts, you're supporting the next generation of emerging artists, using capital to create capital and help artists survive and continue their practice. Guts is spearheading a non-traditional model for the art market, when trying to be a force for change, we must all ask ourselves, do we want to uphold traditional views or models, or join the change? 


Here you can find all works for sale. By clicking each artwork,  then the button view on a wall, a mock-up of how the work will look in space, hung on a wall. Each image is scaled according to the work’s size, allowing for perspective on how it will look once installed.


If you are interested in purchasing a piece of artwork, please click enquire. Once you have done so, we will pass along prices, as well as any other information you may need. 


All purchased artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by both the artist and Guts Gallery Director Ellie Pennick. We also provide services including, domestic and international shipping, advisory, artwork installation and interest-free payment plans.