Victoria Cantons


Cantons wants to understand as much as she can about what it means to be human.

Victoria Cantons is an artist who happens to be a woman, transgender, and gay. As a trans woman she is keenly aware of limitations and stigmas, which leads her to question how much freedom we have and where our boundaries lie. Cantons wants to understand as much as she can about what it means to be human. She believes that what we as individuals present to the world is multifaceted and not always visible; a continuous evolution in response to experience, and in relationship to each other. The human condition and questions of identity are central to her work. Cantons is interested in themes of power, identity, and male and female perceptions of each other. She says “These aspects connect us all and yet we are also unique individuals”.


Cantons’ painting is figurative and she could be described as a colourist. She is interested in the dialogue between painting’s contemporary iterations and its histories. Cantons uses drawing and written notes combined with found and made photographs to navigate between intuitive, intellectual, and aesthetic content informed by a multinational, -cultural and -religious background.  An interest in the internal-external dichotomy manifests in an attention to scale, to how shadows form, and to where absences appear. Memories of being different suggest the need to use masks and camouflage as protection, while influencing the paintings as they evolve in an exploration of identity, self, and representation.


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