Phoebe Collings-James’ work often eludes linear retellings of stories. Instead, her works function as what she calls “emotional detritus”: they speak of knowledges of feelings, the debris of violence, language and desire which are inherent to living and surviving within hostile environments. 

Recent works have been dealing with the object as subject, giving life and tension to ceramic forms. As young nettle, a musical alias, she loves sound that totally envelopes her and is part of B.O.S.S., a QTIBIPOC sound system based in South London. Drawn to high octane sensual emotional sound, with heavy bass and wild lyrical flows. She has played in clubs, museums and house parties, alongside making original music productions. Including Sounds 4 Survival, an undulating live performance work created with SERAFINE1369, which asks the question of what an anti-assimilationist practice might look and sound like.


  • Phoebe Collings-James, SAD PEGGY, 2016
    Phoebe Collings-James
    SAD PEGGY, 2016
    Ink on brown paper
    97 x 85.4 cm (Framed)